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Boot Saver: Safety Toe Guard Boot Cover Some working men spend a lot of time on their knees. No, not begging for a raise--they're hard at work laying tile, carpet, or landscaping. Work like this can do a number on the toes of your boots. That's why you need the Black Safety Toe Boot Saver. This boot saver is specially designed to provide a protective covering for your steel toe boots. The kit comes with adhesive, sandpaper and a black plastic toe cap. Just rough up the outer finish of your boots, put a layer of adhesive on the leather, and attach the safety toe caps. When the adhesive sets, you've got a sturdy toe protector on your boots; you can call your boot saver. Stop trying to keep your boots looking good with polish. It just won't work for men with certain types of jobs. Cover the fronts of your boots with Black Boot Savers for safety toe boots instead. It's easy and makes your boots look great.

Buy Online Premium Quality BOOT SAVER TOE PROTECTOR | Best Safety Shoes and Boots - Shoeworks



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